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Imagine That!

How Dr. Seuss Wrote The Cat in the Hat

Written by Judy Sierra

Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

ISBN 978-05535-1097-3

Have you ever wondered how the great Dr. Seuss wrote his most famous book? Did you know that for The Cat in the Hat, he wasn’t allowed to make up the fun words he was known for?   This bouncy account of the early career of Dr. Seuss proves that sometimes limitations can be the best inspiration of all.


“Buoyantly told, rich in insights into the creative process as well as the crafts of writing, illustrating, and storytelling.”
Kirkus - starred review

“It’s an engrossing and amusing glimpse of creativity in action and the making of a children’s book classic.

Publishers Weekly - starred review

Insider's Scoop

Illustrating a book about Dr. Seuss was a dream come true for me.  I loved studying his artwork.  I drew all of the images in this book - including the Cat in the Hat and other Seuss characters.  Sometimes I got stuck for ideas - in which case, like Dr. Seuss, I put on one of the many hats we have kicking around our house. He was right - it really does help.

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