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The Wicked Big Toddlah

Written and Illustrated

by Kevin Hawkes
Random House
ISBN 0-375-82427-2

Absolutely nothing exciting happens in Maine... nothing, that is, except for the birth of one giant baby.  
The baby is big—really big.
This book is giant laughs all around!


“The artwork is terrific. Using woodsy Maine, with its cobalt skies and azure waters, as background, Hawkes finds a way to make Toddie endearing and a little frightening at the same time. Kids will be fascinated when his huge head peeks over a hill or when he crawls about at Thanksgiving, yelling "Hihowaahya?!!" as tiny grannies and little cousins scatter to the winds.”

"Each lush spread in Hawkes's characteristic style uses 
space and perspective to particular advantage as it focuses on the wicked big toddlah. The many bits of visual humor will keep youngsters poring back and forth over the pages. ... The sheer exuberance of the pictures and title character will keep children's imaginations stoked with the big-time possibilities of life as a giant.

School Library Journal 

“Setting and plot play equal roles here, as Hawkes pays tribute to his home state of Maine in the course of a big sister’s affectionate account of her outsized little brother’s first year.”


Insider's Scoop

I have five children and this book was finished when the youngest was a toddler.  I put the names or initials of all of my children in the artwork somewhere because I wanted the book to remind me of them every time I read it.  Can you find Spencer, (SMH)  Jessie, Ian, Grant and Mason in the book?

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