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Have a Look, says Book

Written by Richard Jackson

Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes


ISBN 978-1481421058

Soft kittens, wooly socks, soggy mittens, fleecy flocks—this pictorial celebration of things tactile explores how what we touch touches us. From legendary editor Richard Jackson, Have a Look, Says Book is a sweet celebration of the ways we discover new things, through touch, through books.


“Bright illustrations take readers ... on a roller-coaster ride through the pages of a beckoning book. ... The book wants its visitors to look and listen, but, most importantly, it wants them to touch. ... This celebration of sharing a book together encourages readers to think more about words and textures.”
School Library Journal - starred review

“The gouache illustrations are playful and bright, and the text is an integral part of the design: a dripping mitten dangles off the end of the word “wet”; a sock and two balls of yarn make up the word “woolly”; and green lichen sprouts from a mossy trail. 
A whimsical exploration of imagination.”


“The ending brings the energy down to a good place for bedtime. Art and text together are enjoyably quirky. ... As a celebration of the surreal, it excels.”


Insider's Scoop

I was so flattered that Richard Jackson wanted to do a book with me.  When I got the manuscript, it took me the longest time to decide which direction the illustrations should go.  Finally after weeks of doodling, I read the manuscript aloud and it became obvious that this was a book about the sounds of words.  At this point, I begin to think of the words as 3-dimensional.  Characters could climb on them, swing from them.  They became part of the landscape.  It is one of my favorite books ever.

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